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Our mission is to connect people to unique goods that are handmade in small runs with high-quality materials and expert know-how.

In a world where we often sacrifice quality for cheap, fast and disposable products that are mass-produced, we set out on this journey to offer a different perspective. We envision a world where the value of an object is defined by quality, uniqueness and human connection - instead of being limited to labels, popularity and trends.

Exquisitely crafted by independent designers and artisans across the world.


We travel the world to look for the most talented designers and artisans on every continent, and unveil their creations. We bring you their heritage, authenticity and expertise.

We are committed to building a more human-centered approach to retail by building a global community of local brands. We do this by working with dozens of designers across the world, ensuring the majority of sales go directly to them.

Contributing to a better future.  


We believe that the future will be positively transformed by independent designers and artisans whose creations are made to stand the test of time, in limited editions and with high-quality materials. Rather than framing products around trends, we want to place emphasis on the creators, their inimitable work and the stories that inspire them.

We aim to offer a shopping experience that is more conscious and sustainable from a human and an environmental perspective.

We hope to make you fall in love with our carefully-curated selection of "products with a soul":
unique pieces backed by inspiring stories, filled with emotions and handcrafted with expertise
by talented independent designers and artisans across the world.


Uniqueness & Exclusivity

We search for rare, one-of-a-kind designs that only exist in limited editions or that are crafted just for you upon request, and that cannot be imitated.

Quality &

We select products that stand the test of time, both from a quality and style perspective. They are timeless designs made with high-quality materials that can last for a lifetime.

Heritage & Craftsmanship

We value artisanal heritage, skilled handwork and unique know-how as they are the key to quality and authenticity, and we wish to preserve longstanding traditions.



It all started in Jobos Beach, Puerto Rico. I was attending a friend's wedding. The celebration lasted three days and every day, the bride had the most stunning outfits. When I asked her where she had found such beautiful and unique designs, she told me that she had spent days scouring shops of independent designers and artisans in Colombia and in the US in order to hunt down exclusive pieces for her big day.

Then, all of the independent designers, artisans and artists I met throughout my travels in Asia, Europe and America came to mind. I thought of Eun-Soon, a Korean artist who meticulously hand-makes unique ceramics recalling nature and Asian culture; I thought of Sannyphang, a talented designer offering a modern take on the traditional textiles of Sumba Island in Indonesia; I thought of Juliana and her mother, two inspiring women designing stunning luxury bags that are sustainable for the environment and support local communities in Colombia. Among the things I own, their creations are the objects I cherish the most. Because they have been conscientiously handcrafted with so much passion and love, and because they carry an inspiring story that makes them so unique and special.

Most of these independent designers and artisans do not have a sophisticated online shop. They are focused on creating, not on selling. This is where we come in.

The Jobos supports these independent designers and artisans across the world by providing them with a tailored e-commerce platform. One which respects the quality of their work, tells their stories with authenticity and most importantly, ensures that the majority of revenues goes directly to them.

When you make a purchase on The Jobos, you are celebrating creativity, craftsmanship, and the story of all the passionate people who dedicate their lives to create these unique "products with a soul".


Meet our community of independent designers and artisans
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