Hand-Painted AQUA Art Scarf
Hand-Painted AQUA Art Scarf
Hand-Painted AQUA Art Scarf
Hand-Painted AQUA Art Scarf


Hand-Painted AQUA Art Scarf

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This unique hand-painted silk scarf is a piece of art and a true collector's item. It's part of a collection called "Celestial Poem" which tells a story about nature. The scarf is finished with a roll hem stitched by hand. Before painting, the scarf is treated with a wax for the lines to be pure and fine, after which the designer takes the time to mingle colours and paint the artwork. Afterwards, the silk is treated for the paint to fixate so that you can simply dry clean this piece to ensure it does not lose color or quality. You can use it as a statement piece for your wardrobe or as a stunning art piece for your home.


Fabric: 100% silk 'crepe de chine'
Dimensions: 110 cm x 110 cm
Made by hand in Amsterdam
Dry clean


TOS Gallery designs are produced per story, not per season which is where the philosophy of the brand came to life: 'Stories, not seasons'. Stories drawn from mythology and inspiring personalities are the source of enchanting artworks, hand painted silk scarves and magical materials. Stories that translate into the three pillars of the brand: craftsmanship, art and imagination.
For TOS Gallery, quality goes over quantity. Beautiful things simply deserve time and attention. And “beauty” needs to be redefined. In the words of the designer: “We want to point out our own perspective on ‘beauty’, not stick to what the established idea of beauty represents. Beauty is found in being your truest self, not in what the world wants to see in you. I’m inspired by the weird, the different ones in the crowd, the beautiful strange. The ones that are a bit off, the sophisticated freaks, the ones pushing the boundaries of ‘normal'.”


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