Handmade TYNA Basket
Handmade TYNA Basket
Handmade TYNA Basket
Handmade TYNA Basket
Handmade TYNA Basket

Palma Canaria

Handmade TYNA Basket

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The perfect basket for your afternoons in town or on the beach. Made by hand with natural fibers only, we love its details and finishes: the tassels on the side, the rope strap and its knot details, the golden hoops and the signature Palma Canaria golden pineapple logo.


Available in 3 colors: Gold, Black or Red


Palma Canaria is the creation of Mónica and Juliana, a mother-daughter duo passionate about design, fashion and handmade craftsmanship. They shape their creative vision around empowering brand values: independence, freedom and strong ethics.
All the designs are 100% handwoven by independent artisans in Colombia by using the finest natural fibers. These talented craftsmen manipulate the fibers with a unique know-how and an expert technique transmitted from generation to generation.
Every piece of the Palma Canaria collection is a commitment to defining what the future of fashion looks like: sustainable from a human and an environmental perspective.
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