Zen Pottery with Flower Holder

Eun-Soon Paradis

Zen Pottery with Flower Holder

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This handmade pottery will add a zen vibe to your home with its intricate design inspired by nature. It evokes the four seasons and the four elements, which Korean symbols are drawn on the piece: 물 for Water, 불 for Fire, 흙 for Earth, 바람 for Wind. The Four Great Elements (사대) are at the center of Buddhism and ancient Korean culture. Water symbolizes Fluidity, Fire symbolizes Heat, Earth symbolizes Solidity and Winds symbolizes Motion.
This piece is also inspired by the delicate Japanese floral art called "ikebana" and it comes with a flower holder to create beautiful flower arrangements. You can also use it as a box for your jewellery or use it solely for decoration purposes. With or without flowers, this piece will add a touch of refined elegance and serenity to your home.


Dimensions: Diameter 14 cm, Height 7 cm


Eun-Soon is a Korean artist living in France. Her work is inspired by the ancient culture of her country of origin, and by nature. Her creations are entirely made by hand using a special technique. After creating the shape of the piece, she draws the intricate designs when the clay is already firm but not dry. Then, the piece is fired at 980 degrees before the enameling/glazing. Finally, it is fired a second time at 1230 degrees. Every single piece takes several hours of meticulous work to create and every object is unique, crafted with passion and emotion.


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