Pine Earrings
Pine Earrings
Pine Earrings


Pine Earrings

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Alma immortalizes the beauty of nature.
These earrings are made from real Patula pine branches (also known as the "Mexican weeping pine) that have been carefully picked up in nature. As it is made with real branches, immortalized in the jewel forever, with its textures and imperfections, you can be sure that each piece is uniquely made by nature and no two pieces are alike.


Available in 2 colors: Gold and Silver
Available in 2 sizes: Medium or Large
Dimensions: Medium 5 cm, Large 8 cm


After carefully hand-picking real flowers, leaves and seeds from wild corners of Colombia, Ana Catalina and Juan Camilo, the artists behind this one-of-a-kind statement jewellery, take them through a meticulous drying process for up to one month and a half. 
The unique pieces of nature are then dipped into a bath of 24-karat gold or silver to be plated using an artisanal mold-free jewellery technique.
This remarkable creation process allows the jewel to preserve and highlight the unique attributes of the flowers, petals and leaves, and to immortalise their beauty and uniqueness forever into an exceptional piece of wearable art.
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