Set of 2 Bamboo Towels With Velvet Detail

Taraz Istanbul

Set of 2 Bamboo Towels With Velvet Detail

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This elegant set of Turkish towels is completely sawn by hand using bamboo fabrics.
Used in the Turkish baths for centuries, traditional Turkish towels are called "Peshtemal". They are known for absorbing water as fast as normal towels and drying five times quicker. They are extremely lightweight and easy to carry. Peshtemals are also more eco-friendly than normal towers as they consume less fabric in the production process, and require less water and detergent to wash. Last but not least, they look so elegant and refined.


Set of 2 towels: 50 x 90 cm and 30 x 50 cm
As every piece is completely crafted by hand, there are no two pieces that are alike. Every piece is unique and therefore, it may not be exactly as illustrated in the photo.


Taraz Istanbul is a luxury home textiles brand founded by Tülay Araz, a Turkish designer passionate about precious fabrics and high-quality sewing. At the start of her artist career, her main sources of inspiration were Iznik tiles, which are decorated ceramic tiles that were produced in Turkey between the 15th and the end of the 17th century. Over time, she explored different patterns and techniques, including the embroideries that characterize quilters. All pieces are entirely sawn by hand by Tülay using fine fabrics such as raw silk, linen and satin, all sourced in Turkey which has a long story of textile manufacturing dating back to the Ottoman Empire. Her exquisitely crafter pieces will add a delightful touch of luxury to any home.
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