Is Tradi-Trash a new fashion trend?

Think about a very traditional item like the Moroccan babouche.

Moroccans have been wearing these slippers since the 3rd century and up to today, every Moroccan owns multiple pairs of babouche. They are just an integral part of the Moroccan tradition and are worn both to chill at home or to attend dinner parties. 

Their story and their creation are all about tradition. It all started in Fes, Morocco’s original city. This is the city which holds the secret of this century-old know-how: the traditional mastery of Moroccan babouche making. Babouches are always entirely sewn by hand by craftsmen who spend hours creating a single pair of babouche. Not any kind of craftsmen. They are called “Mâalem” in Moroccan Arabic: masters holding expertise and worthy of teaching their know-how to the next generations. They own their business from father to son. They pass on a tradition, a know-how, an art... from generation to generation.


Now, think about modernity. About globalization. Empowerment. Think about how much the world has changed since the 3rd century... Yet, babouches are still around. They are still a strong symbol of Moroccan tradition because they'll always be part of its culture. They are an integral part of the people's identity. But what if they could evolve too, just like society... What if we could give a modern incarnation to a very traditional object like a babouche. 

This is what Ghita, lead designer and founder of the BOOSH brand (which we proudly showcase and sell on The Jobos), wants to express through her brand: tradition and innovation are not incompatible, authenticity and modernity are not inconciliable. That's how she came up with a new fashion movement: Tradi-Trash, combining the 'traditional' and the 'trashy' at the same time.  

It's all about dual identity - so it's not about a 'clash' between tradition and modernity, but rather about a mix, a combination. A mishmash. A fusion. An encounter between the traditional and the international, the arty and the trashy...

This is what BOOSH represents: two opposite stories that unexpectedly come together. The founder's traditional Moroccan roots encounter her international, young, modern, fashionable, trashy and street-savvy edge. She is not one or the other. She is both. And this gives birth to something unique: BOOSH Babouches.

Discover Ghita's 'tradi-trash' creations here:


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